John Michael

A professional photographer, military historian, author and chronicler living in the Washington DC area, John Michael has traveled extensively across the United States. For over a decade, he has focused on the United States military and photographs the final honors at Arlington National Cemetery. From these photograph an outstanding tribute is crafted - a memorial book of the ceremony that becomes a family heirloom. When asked about John Michael, a noted Washington, DC based military historian responded: "He's an athlete - with a natural talent focused in photography and over the years, his experiences have honed his outstanding skills. His photographs evoke a passion and deep emotion." His photography is un matched and provides a vivid experience that expresses the true meaning of the content - the photographs reach out to you and draw you in with a vividness beyond imagination. This immersion into the US military community has sparked a passion that compliments his photographic work. In 2011, he authored the FIRST book about a US Army Post with origins during the US Civil War. Images of America - Fort Myer heralds the first one hundred years of this Post which is still defending the Capital - Washington, DC His mission is ongoing -

"Preserving the memories so others will remember..." ™

It was on 13 JUNE 2011, John Michael once again broke new ground, which is his hallmark, when his book Images of America - Fort Myer was published. After more than two years of research, the FIRST book about this historic US Army Post became a reality. Origins of the post began during the Civil War when it was known as Fort Whipple. Enlargements, Calendars, Posters, and more are available - See something you like?
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